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Clamor ceased publication in December 2006. This website contains information for your reference and archival purposes only.


Action Coalition for Media Education: a strategic network linking media educators, health advocates, media reformers, independent media makers, community organizers and others.

AK Press: Disseminating Radical Literature Worldwide

Arbeiter Ring Publishing: progressive publishers of fiction and non-fiction books (Thinking Forward by Michael Albert, Pacifism as Pathology by Ward Churchill and more...)

Babel: The multilingual, multicultural online journal and community of arts and ideas.

Betty Magazine: an online subscription-based magazine made for intelligent and professional women who aren't afraid to assert themselves and sometimes, laugh at themselves.

Beyond Mainstream: alternative online media of online magazine as: an oline magazine for the creative, culturally progressive community.The website blends politics, culture and healing, with a twist of humor.

Blank Magazine: solid. independent. straightforward

Bridge Magazine: an independent, not-for-profit arts and literature publication, based in Chicago.

Cascadia Media Collective: a group of media activists who produce videos on radical activism and resistance to neoliberal globalization at local, national and global levels.

Chimurenga: a panafrican and pluri-lingual quarterly print of arts cultures and politics based in cape town

Cumulus Press: Canadian Publisher of independent books.

Daylight Magazine: the quarterly printed publication of Daylight Community Arts Foundation, Inc. – a non-profit organization that strives to establish community-based documentary partnerships in various locations throughout the world.

Denver Zine Library: collecting and making accessible more than 3,500 zines and growing!

Digital Fiction: projects created as an exploration into accessible and engaging writing for the internet -- working to use Flash to create interesting ways of telling 'stories'; to offer a blend of challenging writing, user-entertainment and user-interaction.

Fierce Magazine: a new women's publication ----targeting the bold, authentic, audacious woman

Fragments: everything under the sun, on the web and in print.

Free Speech News: a clearinghouse for independent news and opinion.

the first audio/video hub on the web created and defined by the people who use it;also the home of Free Speech Internet Television

G7 Welcoming Committe Records: An Activist Record Label Striving for Social Change

Garrett County Press: independent book publishers that work round-the-clock topublish great new independent titles.

Grundle Ink: Grundle Ink Publications is small independent publisher in northern CA started 2 years ago to effectively bypass conventional media channels and provide an outlet for voices that we feel need to be heard, but are too often stifled by traditional corporate media.
Also: Check out their new online magazine: Ink-Mag

Impact Press: a nonprofit, bi-monthly, socio-political magazine that features aggressive journalism, biting commentary and a healthy dose of satire.

Independent Media Centre a collective of independent media organizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage. Indymedia is a democratic media outlet for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth.

Independent Press Association: The Antidote to Monopoly Media

In The Fray: an online magazine devoted to understanding, reporting on, and acting upon issues of identity and community — bridging individual identities through education and personal connection.

Iowa Peace, Protest and Justice: Author Mike Palecek's site for books and other resources for a better world.

Joe Public Films: is an independent video & filmmaking resource that is committed to exposing under-reported human rights-related news stories.

Kersplebedeb: radical books, pamphlets, t-shitrs, buttons and more! This is a great distributor with a diverse catalog!

La Lutta New Media Collective: a non-profit, community-based organization, is a group of activists, artists, educators and professionals united to promote a greater level of social awareness through new media.

Left Hook: an online journal formed by American youth on the radical left whose aim is to promote greater discussion, debate, and consciousness among young people in America.

Media Alliance: a 22-year old nonprofit training and resource center for media workers, community organizations, and political activists.

Media Education Foundation: a non-profit organization that produces and distributes video documentaries to encourage critical media analysis, while raising awareness about the relationships that media has with ownership and commercial content.

Media Mouse: Media Mouse is an independent media collective based in Grand Rapids, Michigan made up of activists involved in a variety of economic and social justice movements who share the common goal of documenting social movements by creating and promoting independent media as an alternative to the corporate owned, for-profit media system.

Mortarworks: a multimedia studio specializing in audio assembly, as well as media creation for the internet and print. Geared specifically for working with sub/countercultural projects (i.e. punk, hardcore).

Nervy Girl Zine: Looking for a women’s magazine that’s as intelligent and edgy as you are? Look no further. Nervy Girl is the first choice of women seeking something meatier to read than the typical grocery store titles.

Operation INDIY
: a network of people into supporting the independent scene. It is an effort to create bonds among indie medias, and it will hopefully develop into a community-based effort.

Optimism Through Pessimism: an independent publishing house.

Pickaxe: activists using video to accomplish a world freer of oppression for people, for the earth and to all things wild and free.

Radio 4 All: an all-encompassing site to connect you to the movement to reclaim the airwaves.

Rated Rookie: one of the best zines out there for free-thinking m-f's that don't need their media spoonfed to them. Damn funny. Damn good.

Roots of Compassion:a great portal of information about the politics and culture of living a life in harmony with other beings and the environment...and no dogma.

See Sharp Press: rabble-rousing independent media since 1984

Social Criticism Review: selected readings on modern society and its ills.

Tapelist: a platform for filmmakers, distributors, exhibitors and media

Word Power Books: Books to change our world

Word Riot: an online magazine focusing on literary and experimental prose and poetry. our web provider and all-around nice peeps.

Video Activist Network: just what the name says...and more.

Zine Guide: the definitive resource for the independent press

Zine World: for a free an independent press -- Zine World GO! ZW is the most regular review zine out there keeping tabs on the underground press.

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Issue 18 - From Luddism to Linux; Tackling Technology's Tough Questions

Issue 19 - Everyday Pros; How real people do sports

Issue 20 - The Grocery Gap. Clamor's food issue!

Issue 21
- SARS, AIDS and other global health crises.

Issue 22 - Around the World and Around the Block (Clamor travels)

Issue 23 - Faith: How the World Makes It Through the Day

Issue 24 - Make Art Not War!

Issue 25 - We're All Going to Die

Issue 26 - Over 2,000,000 Jobs Lost: Who IS working?

Issue 27 - The Future of the Family (links coming soon)

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