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Clamor ceased publication in December 2006. This website contains information for your reference and archival purposes only.

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Clamor was a quarterly print magazine and online community of radical thought, art, and action. An iconoclast among its peers, Clamor is an unabashed celebration of self-determination, creativity, and shit-stirring. Clamor publishes content of, by, for, and with marginalized communities. From the kitchen table to shop floor, the barrio to the playground, the barbershop to the student center, it's old school meets new school in a battle for a better tomorrow. Clamor was a do-it-yourself guide to everyday revolution.

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Clamor Staff

Founder and Co-Editor

Jen Angel has been a writer and media activist for over 15 years. She is the co-founder and publisher of Clamor Magazine, an award-winning quarterly magazine covering radical culture and politics. In 2002, she was named as one of “30 under 30 Visionaries who are changing the world” (along with Jason) by Utne Reader. She is a founding board member of Allied Media Projects, a non-profit independent media advocacy organization.

Jen's publishing history includes writing her personal zine Fucktooth (1991-2000), publishing the Zine Yearbook (1996-2004), and editing MaximumRockNRoll, the largest and longest running punk-music publication in the world (1997-1998).

Jen is a graduate of the Ohio State University and currently volunteers full-time for Clamor. She lives in Oakland, CA and cobbles together a living by booking tours and doing publicity for friends, writing grants and consulting on finance for other projects, and working miscellaneous temp jobs.

Jen is busy in San Francisco booking tours and assisting with the promotion of activist artists and media makers around the country. She is writing an in-depth analysis of Clamor, with the help of Jason and lots of others – look for that soon.

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Founder and Co-Editor

Jason Kucsma is the co-founder and publisher of Clamor Magazine. Clamor won “Best New Magazine” in Utne’s Alternative Press Awards its first year and has been nominated for "Best Social/Cultural Coverage" every year since. In the summer of 2002 he was featured (along with Jen) in Utne as one of 30 young visionaries under 30 who are changing the world. Jason is also the co-publisher of The Zine Yearbook, a yearly collection of the best art and writing from the underground press that is now in its 8th year. As a master's student at Bowling Green State University's American Culture Studies Program, he published his thesis, "Resist and Exist: Punk Zines and the Communication of Cultural and Political Resistance in America." As a student, he also organized the first "Zine Conference" in 1999, which has grown each year to its current form, The Allied Media Conference.

Jason currently lives in Tucson, Arizona where he is pursuing a(nother) graduate degree -- this time in Library and Information Science specializing in digital libraries and digital preservation.

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Mandy Van Deven
Associate Publisher

Mandy Van Deven is the editor and publisher of Altar Magazine, a social justice publication focusing on art, music, culture, politics, and activism. She also works as the Director of Community Organizing at Girls for Gender Equity, a grassroots organization in Brooklyn, NY working to create opportunities for girls and women to live self-determined lives.Mandy believes that all opinions are valuable and because her voice is loud, she works to help others raise their own voices.

Mandy is continuing to multitask – juggling grad school, full-time work at an amazing grassroots organization in Brooklyn, editing an anthology on young women’s activism, curating her second women’s film festival this summer, and more.

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Nomy Lamm
Associate Publisher

Nomy Lamm is a writer, performer and musician who has been doing activism around body image, gender and self-actualization for over ten years. She's a self-taught accordion player and a co-founder of Phat Camp, a body-empowerment program for youth.

Nomy continues to write her column in Punk Planet, and is starting an advice column in make/shift.  She is making music, meditating, studying kabbalah and finally making time to work on her first novel.

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Review Editor

Keith served four years as the Legislative Director of Toledo City Council in Ohio where he worked on legislation granting domestic partners benefits, opposing the PATRIOT Act, allowing Mexican nationals to use consular ID as legal identification, and, most importantly, to clarify where adults are allowed to bicycle. As a Senior Consultant with Burges & Burges, Keith wrote, shot, and produced ads for Democratic candidates and, as an activist, he has worked on a number of Democratic and Liberal campaigns in Ohio and Ontario even though he considers himself a leftist. His preferred forms of communication include the jeremiad, the philippic, and the tirade. Keith lives and works in New Hampshire.

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Culture Editor

Kenyon Farrow is a writer and activist living in Brooklyn, NY. He is the co-editor of Letters from Young Activists (Nation Books 2005), and his essays have appeared in, Black,, Bay Windows, City Limits, The Objector, Between the Lines, and in the upcoming anthology, Spirited (Red Bone Press 2005). Much of Kenyon's writing can be found on blogs all over the net, including "Is Gay Marriage Anti-Black?," "Connecting the Dots: Michael Moore, White Nationalism and the Multi-racial Left" with writer Kil Ja Kim, and most recently, "We Real Cool?: On Hip-Hop, Asian Americans, Black Folks, and Appropriation."

As an activist, Kenyon served as the Southern Regional Coordinator for Critical Resistance, a prison abolition organization, and continues to work on the national organizing body. He has also served as an adult ally for FIERCE!, a queer youth of color community organizing project in New York City, and is the communications and public education coordinator with New York State Black Gay Network. Kenyon continues to write, lecture, and organize, and is currently working on his first solo book project.

Kenyon is currently at the brand new CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, hoping to work with some other publications when he graduates in late 2007 (and hoping to leave NYC once and for all). Any takers?

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Economics Editor

Arthur Stamoulis is a media activist living in Philadelphia. For the past two-and-a-half years, he has served on the board of Media Tank, a leader in grassroots media policy advocacy and organizing. His editorial experience includes positions as editor for Common Courage Press and as content manager for a large environmental website. His current day job, as a lobbyist and field organizer for Clean Air Council, involves working with the corporate media and coordinating groups to lobby on national environmental policy. Arthur just won a 2004 Project Censored Award for his article on FCC rulings that limit open access to the Internet.

Arthur now lives outside Portland, OR with his wife and daughter. He heads the Oregon Fair Trade Campaign, a coalition of labor, environmental and human rights organizations organizing to oppose the expansion of NAFTA-style trade policies and advance a positive vision of international trade. Learn more here.

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Media Editor

Catherine Komp is a journalist and independent radio producer living in Richmond, Virginia. She is a staff reporter with The NewStandard covering civil rights, grassroots struggles, electronic privacy issues, poverty and homelessness, and free and fair elections. She also contributes to Independent Native News and Free Speech Radio News, in addition to helping out at her local community station, WRIR LPFM. Catherine’s history with Clamor goes way back to 2001, and along the way she has been involved in various capacities including contributing writer, proofreader, producer of Radio Clamor, and Media Editor.

Catherine is continuing her reporting work for The NewStandard, Free Speech Radio News and other broadcast and online news sources from her home base in Richmond, Virginia. She is also helping to launch a youth radio collective at WRIR LPFM and serving on the station's news and public affairs committee.

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Elly Kugler
Sex and Gender Editor

Elly enjoys working on projects that let her connect to a bunch of different movements and communities. She has done organizing or support work for campaigns around police brutality, gentrification, queer and transgender rights, and the criminalization of low-income people, trans people, youth and people of color. She co-founded the San Francisco Childcare Collective and the DC Childcare Collective, solidarity organizations providing free childcare to radical/progressive groups led by low-income women of color, and worked under the leadership of worker organizers to build a domestic worker's collective at the San Francisco Day Labor Program. She has spent the last couple of years in DC, volunteering with a group doing harm reduction outreach with sex workers, and taught theater for social change to some really amazing young people for her paid job. Elly is living for a year in New Orleans, supporting worker organizing and health projects and racial justice work and trying to be responsible and respectful as a white out-of towner. In her non-existent spare time, she writes fiction, picks people's brains about marketing and movement building, and tries to stay in contact with the many wonderful people on her life.

Elly is currently volunteering for a year in New Orleans, where she supports worker organizing and public health projects. She can be reached at ehaman at

Web Designer

Derek runs amphibian design out of the prairie wasteland otherwise known as Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is also a collective member at G7 Welcoming Committee Records.

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Evan Morrison
infoSHOP workhorse

Evan believes strongly that if you have enough packing tape, you can ship anything in anything. He attended the counter inauguration protests with the San Francisco based Insane Reagan, took over the Ohio State Capitol building on November 3 with hundreds of other protesters, traveled to Washington DC with the Columbus based organization that got the Ohio vote count contested in Congress, has been a lead organizer in a campaign to bring domestic partner benefits to his university, and has been nurturing several jade plants since November. He was born and raised in the Midwest, and is unlikely to ever move away for long. Once seriously considering joining the Marines, he now is a vegetarian and participated with the League of Pissed Off Voters in the Eyes Wide Open project sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee. Interested in bonsai, large caliber handguns, literature and tattoos; he's saving up for a motorcycle and a second date for his very understanding girlfriend of six months, Alessondra.

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Tony Jayne
E-Commerce Commando
aka infoSHOP coordinator

Tony enjoys classical music and long walks in the park. In his spare time he enjoys working for a secret division of the National Security Administration. His most recent mission was going back in time to ensure Sputnik was launched as we all remember so that the United States would not drop out of the space race. Upon return, he is quoted as saying, "I need a beer."

Tony enjoys waxing philisophically and doesn't believe in absolute truth. He has a functional world view and thinks that conflict theorists are a bunch of fucking pink-o's. However, he longs to find a conflict theorist girlfriend.

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Squirrel Hunters

Raza was rescued from the pound in Wyoming in 1998 and has been down with the Clamor contingent from day one. Tobe (pronounced Toby) is a Clamor bandwagon-jumper that we rescued from doggy death row in December 2003. Both display the free will, self-determination, and stunning good looks required of Clamor staff members -- earning them honorary staff membership despite the fact that they don't do a damn bit of work around here.

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