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Clamor ceased publication in December 2006. This website contains information for your reference and archival purposes only.

The Clamor Basics

Q: What is Clamor?

A: Clamor is an independent quarterly magazine that features articles on politics, culture, economics, people, sex and gender and media. Clamor publishes perspectives that are typically pushed to the margins or left out of the mainstream media entirely.

Q: Where are the Clamor offices?

A: Clamor offices are wherever people are working on Clamor around the world — in home offices, in apartments, in dorm rooms, on computers at work, in the streets. Clamor’s main office is in Toledo, Ohio.

Q: Where can I mail things to Clamor (my subscription money, CD for review, blank checks)?

A: You can mail anything to Clamor’s PO Box 20128; Toledo, Ohio 43610. For larger items (copy machines, printing presses, novelty checks) and anything being shipped UPS, you can use our street address: 425 Jefferson Ave Suite 630 Toledo, Ohio 43604.

Q: Where can I buy Clamor?

A: Before we divulge the secrets to finding Clamor, please note that subscriptions are the most effective way to not only support the magazine, but also save you some valuable green. To take advantage of our discount subscription offer, click here.

Not ready to make the plunge into a year commitment with your magazine darling? That's okay, we understand. You can purchase any current and available back issues of Clamor in our secure online infoSHOP. Service is fast and reliable, and most orders are packed with free goods we have on-hand just waiting for your order.

Clamor Magazine is also available at independent and major bookstores all throughout North America. See our list of Clamor retailers to find the store near you. If you are unable to find Clamor at your locally-owned bookstore, newsstand, or even in the corporate-owned chain stores in your area, please let us know who they are and we will help them carry Clamor.

Q: How many people are on the Clamor staff?

A: Clamor is staffed by two editors/publishers, one consulting editor, seven section editors, one review editor, one genius web designer, and a host of copy editors and volunteers. To read more about these peeps, click here. All of them volunteer their time for Clamor.

Q: Can I work for Clamor?

A: Sure! We can always use help. See the section “Working/Writing for Clamor” below.

Reviews in Clamor

Q: Do you review music? Books?

A: Clamor does review independent books and music. However, we only publish reviews of stuff that our reviewers are really into and want to turn other folks onto as well. In other words, Clamor doesn’t waste valuable space slagging people’s bands, books, or zines.  You can send your project for review to: Clamor | PO Box 20128 | Toledo, OH 43610

Q: I sent my band’s CD to you about 6 months ago, and I haven’t seen it reviewed or heard anything from you. What’s the deal?

A: We receive a lot of books, CDs, and films for review everyday in our PO Box, and unfortunately we can’t respond to everyone with a note. We send review material out regularly to reviewers we think would most likely be receptive to what you’re doing. Due to our quarterly print schedule, it may take us a couple weeks or a couple months to get a review for your project — depending on when it arrives here at our office. If you don’t see a review in Clamor in six months, you can drop us a line, but it probably means we’re sticking to our momma’s mantra “If you don’t have anything nice to say …”

Q: Can I write reviews for Clamor?

A: Of course! Clamor reviews are special because they’re written by fans of the music, zines, books, and films that we feature. If you’d like to check out a list of items available for review, click here.

Advertising in Clamor

Q: How can I advertise in Clamor?

A: You can get the most up-to-date advertising information here.

Q: I’d like to advertise, but I want to wait and do it in the same issue you review my CD/book/magazine. Can you tell me when that will be?

A: We’d love to have you advertise, but we’re not interested in guaranteeing reviews in exchange for an ad. If you like what we’re doing and want our readers to check out your project, advertise. If we’re able to get a solid review for your project, it’s all gravy. If that review happens to coincide with the same issue you advertise in, it’s a rare moment of “synergy” as they call it in the big bad corporate marketing world.

Q: What’s your circulation?

A: Clamor’s circulation varies between 7,000 and 10,000 per issue and has been growing organically, incrementally, and intentionally since we started with 1,000 copies in February 2000.  In other words, we’re careful to make as many copies as we can distribute and NOT print five times that amount in hopes of luring advertisers with fake numbers and piles of magazines in the trash.

Q: What’s Clamor’s readership like?

A: Clamor readers come from all walks of life. Clamor is decidedly NOT a niche magazine, instead preferring to hang our hats on the fact that people have a million different interests in their lives — and that Clamor should try to speak to as many of those interests as possible in an issue.  So instead of being a punk or hip hop magazine, or an environmental magazine, or a feminist magazine, or a lifestyle magazine, Clamor is all of those things at once.

If that doesn’t satisfy you, we have some readers’ survey responses here.

Working/Writing for Clamor

Q: I’d love to write for Clamor. How can I get involved?

A: Clamor welcomes contributions from writers of all stripes. Whether you’re a high school student with a story to tell, or a freelance writer with a scoop you want to pitch, Clamor has a space for you.  In just four years we’ve had over 500 contributors have their work seen by tens of thousands of readers. Click on the “participate” link to the left to find out how you can get involved.

Q: I see that Clamor often publishes illustrations and other original artwork. How can I submit mine?

A: Clamor commissions artists regularly to illustrate some of the articles we’re working with. Please click on the “participate” link to the left to see how you can get on our list of favorite artists to work with. NOTE: Clamor does NOT accept unsolicited artwork.

Q: I have ridiculous amounts of free time, and I’d like to work for Clamor.

A: Fair enough, but why do you have so much free time? Maybe that’s none of our business. We can always use help from folks who are interested in helping is spread the word about Clamor — whether it’s by setting up Clamor events in their city, taking copies of the magazine around to local bookstores/newsstands that aren’t currently carrying Clamor, tabling Clamor at a local event, or by selling discounted subscriptions as fundraisers for local groups. If any of these sorts of things appeal to you, drop us a line.

We also intermittently post job positions that are open in the Clamor organization. Check here to see what’s available these days.

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