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Clamor ceased publication in December 2006. This website contains information for your reference and archival purposes only.


3 a.m. magazine: online magazine of independent politics, culture, media, art and all the other good stuff for your constitution.

Are You Generic: It's nemeses are unethical corporations, censorship, the slanted media, hypocrisy, excessive advertising, and plain stupidity.

Amor Y Lucha
: a wondeful DIY record label out of Washington DC that urges us to "Think Globally, Act Locally"

anarchy is abnormalcy:Clamor community member jay miles gives you "what for" and drops knowledge. check it out.

Bad Kitty Clothing: nothing is more fun that being a girl. At any age. The clothes represent the freedom that comes from owning your power - a willingness to be playful while maintaining individuality - to take control and be a little provocative.

Contempl8: Hot t-shirts for the politically sane.

Countdown to Putsch: music, activism, commentary, humor, and all the latest from crimethinc's newest comrades. This band features some Clamor regulars (both contributors and readers).

A website for people who intend to get the most out of life; more specifically about taking control of our lives in part by taking control of the environments we live in.

The Errorist: new essays, fiction, art and photography dedicated to the spread of lies, half-truths and weapons of misinformation.

DIYRevolution: a resource aimed to unite independent musicians,artists, activists, media groups, and writers working for a more just, authentic, and progressive world.

FrictionMagazine : Hailing from the midwest of all places, attempts to bring you all that is great and DIY in music, art, literature, culture, politics, and sports.

Gallery Six: an online and print zine done by some Clamor supporters!

Get Underground
: noncommercial volunteer community dedicated to the free expression of the creative global underground featuring new articles, art, music, and poetry on a consistent biweekly basis.

Illegal Art: freedom of expression in the corporate age

The Last Bastards:double dose of some Toledo music

La Palabra Cafe-Press: gathering place committed to restoring and creating cultural integrity through collaborative community inquiry that generates creative action via small press publication.

Leftist Lounge: a gathering of people who strive to build a powerful social movement. LL are people who believe that to mobilize for change, we must offer more than dry meetings with patronizing white liberals who attempt to contain real transformation.

LiP Magazine: a not-for-profit print and electronic media project dedicated to the building of a sustainable society that values diversity.

Made Unique: making the world a cooler place one t-shirt at a time.

NeuFutur: a zine for the left!

Newtopia: the people and their politics. an online magazine

Plaid Skirt Records: indepedent up-and-coming label out of DC.

People's Voice Cafe: New York City's longest-running political music and performance venue

Phantom Flyer Clothing: passion for designing clothes stems from music, culture, cinema, world travel and of course, to live a comfortable and stylish mode of existence. sweatshop free

Pirate Prints: wonderful screenprinting for independent bands, labels, artists, activists, and other like-minded individuals.

: gear for everyday insurrections

ricanstruction: featured in issue 7, this site houses the electronic identity of the puertoricanrevolutionaryrock band from NYC.

Rock and Roll Lincoln: home of Clamor contributor Nate Dogg and Their Old Stuff is Better Records.

Rooftop Films: independent films on a roof in Brooklyn. All Summer Long!

Rumpshaker zine one of the best music-related zines out today! Chuck D pushes the barriers of the digital frontier with a host of capable cohorts.

Social Nerve: radical information, art, and propaganda

STIR America: a Clamor community member and self-identified as the largest cause related music network on the internet.

strike anywhere: possibly one of the best positive political punk bands around today.

Taking on Explosives: Northwest Ohio's hardest working show promoters. Traveling bands, check with these kids for a show!

Upside Down Culture Collective: a group of Detroit area people who want to use art and culture to help people connect with each other and transform the world.

Venus: is a feminist resource and focuses primarily on women who make music. Venus also covers do-it-yourself culture and women artists and writers.

WooLoo: an artist's resource offering open resources while hosting a range of online exhibitions with selected contemporary artists.

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Issue 18 - From Luddism to Linux; Tackling Technology's Tough Questions

Issue 19 - Everyday Pros; How real people do sports

Issue 20 - The Grocery Gap. Clamor's food issue!

Issue 21
- SARS, AIDS and other global health crises.

Issue 22 - Around the World and Around the Block (Clamor travels)

Issue 23 - Faith: How the World Makes It Through the Day

Issue 24 - Make Art Not War!

Issue 25 - We're All Going to Die

Issue 26 - Over 2,000,000 Jobs Lost: Who IS working?

Issue 27 - The Future of the Family (links coming soon)

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