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Clamor: Your DIY Guide to Everyday Revolution.

Clamor ceased publication in December 2006. This website contains information for your reference and archival purposes only.

In 2004 the first Clamor Music Festival was held in 32 cities across the United States featuring over 150 performers with the common goal of celebrating independent media. Now we're ready to do it again...and we need your help!

Grab your calendars. The 2006 Clamor Music Festival will take place on Saturday, October 21st, and will again feature shows all over the country. Each show will be a dual fundraiser for Clamor and a local social justice/arts/independent media organization in each hosting city. The festival is based on a few basic principles we believe all media should follow: accessibility, community control, and mutual aid. But above all it's just going to be a lot of fun.

Big ups to all of our sponsors for the CMF: Baby Wit, Botanical Earth, Daemon Records, Mpress Records, Off Our Backs, The Progressive, Reasons of the Heart, Seven Stories Press, Snazzygirl, Stickerguy, and Stumptown Printers.

in conjunction w/ Strategic Action for a Just Economy
An economic justice, community development, and popular education center that has been building economic power for working class people in Los Angeles since 1996.
Venue: Il Corral, 662 No. Heliotrope Dr
Performers: Butchlalis de Panochtitlan, Kevin Shields, Sharing Is Theft, Cookie Jar, and DJ Professor Cantaloupe, SKIM, & Jessica Catron/Jeremy Drake/David Rothbaum
Contact: Jessica Hoffmann
in conjunction w/ Books to Prisoners
Working to offset the dehumanizing effects of incarceration by sending
quality used books free of charge to prisoners all over. Entirely operated
by volunteers. Library entirely stocked by donated books.
Venue: Manium Warehouse, 421 4th Ave.
Performers: Tricrotic, Rigamortis, Juha, and Swift
Contact: Nomy Lamm
In conjunction w/ Underground Cafe and Alternative Books

A youth volunteer-run, collectively owned, not-for-profit, fair trade
cafe. Started in November 2005 by local youth who wanted to make a
difference. Offering a community space used as a hang out, a venue for all ages shows, a place to find alternative literature to buy or borrow, a
showcase for local and independent art and music. All while promoting
social justice and positive change in the community.
Venue: Underground Cafe and Alternative Books, 732 Charlotte St.
(following the Fredericton Zine Fair)
Performers: Eviction Party, Fear of Lipstick
Contact: George & Joady

in conjunction w/Acme Art Company
Entertaining and exploring your five senses by showcasing Central Ohio
artists with regional/international artists. Dedicated to making ideas
become reality by being an approachable community space for all ages and disciplines. Keeping it real since 1987.
Venue: Acme Art Company, 934 Cleveland Ave.
Performers: Zachary Allen Starkey. TI-83 PLUS, Pinebox
Contact: Daniel J. King
in conjunction w/ Bombshell Gallery
An art gallery, performance venue and cultural nightspot.
Venue: Bombshell Gallery, 2536 Central Avenue
Performers: Microwave Windows, Hal McGee, Space Program
Ironing, Blast, The Uh
Contact: Gina Vivinetto
In conjunction w/ New Heights, a non-profit educational organization based in New York City. Inspiring inner-city youth to be champion student-athletes and empower them to be leaders in the classroom, on the court, and in the community.
Venue: Tonic, 107 Norfolk Street
Performers: Emergency Service
Contact: Soyini Taylor
in conjunction w/ Valley Free Radio
A non-profit, community based and volunteer run radio station for the
Greater Northampton area. Seeking to educate, inspire, and entertain
through programming that reflects the diversity of the local community.
Provide a space for media access and education, placing equipment, skills, and critical tools in the hands of the community. Aim to serve with
particular regard for those overlooked or under-represented by other media and to provide for the exchange of cultural and intellectual ideas and music.
Venue: Media Education Foundation (MEF) Community Room, 60 Masonic St.
Performers: Root and WIng, Liberty Cabbage Theater Revival,
Hearts and Brains, Arjuna Greist, Mail Myself to Thoreau,
Contact: Matt Dineen


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