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Issue 38

Clamor Issue 38

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Photo Essay: Purple Hearts: Back from Iraq by Nina Berman

Web Feature

Keep Your Laws Off Our Bodies: Cecelia Fire Thunder v. The Crackpot Nation by Keith McCrea


The New Wartime Body: Amputees Return From Iraq by Socket

My Body. My Self.
by Adrienne Maree Brown

Black Bookstores by Leslie Ann Murray


The Power of NO! by Tamara K. Nopper

When We Became Normal
by Shana Agid

Holding the Mic ... and Power
by Billy Bloodtruck

Science & Spectacle: The Body Worlds Controversy by Ren Hsieh

Special Feature

American Apparel Exposed

Who’s Your Daddy? by Jim Straub

When the Sideshow Becomes the Main Attraction by Dez Williams

F*cking Progressives by Keeley Savoie

It’s a Front by Irina Contreras


Ursula Rucker: Bodies of Truth
by Irina Contreras

Behind the Scenes of Made In Secret
by Kyle Harris

The Business of Bodies by Roderick Graham


Activism Embodied: A Roundtable Discussion by Nomy Lamm

No Hierarchy of Suffering: Talking with Bee Lavender by Laura Fokkena

Hottentot, Hotties, & History
by Stacey Tolbert

Ana Mendieta: The Magic of the Real by Anna Clark


So This Guy Walks Into The Emergency Room and ...   by Tara Bracco

War in the Store: Center for the Science of Public Interest by Edward Burch

Rethinking Stem Cell Research
by Joseph Reynolds & Parita Shah

Sex & Gender

I Will Always Be Your Daughter/Son
by Ellen Marie Hinchcliffe

Resource: $pread Magazine by Ari Paul

New Men About Town: A Photo Essay in Four Parts


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Rubble Division by Robby Herbst

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