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Issue 19

These projects and people are featured in issue 19. Check 'em out!


Athletic Mic League
Cherry Skateboards
Dead Prez
The Emma Goldman Papers Project
The Humane Society of the United States
So New Media


Sean Carswell/Razorcake
Brandon Faloona (photographer)
Helen Griffin
Jodi Helmer
Erik Rose /Tastes Like Chicken
Justin Shady/Tastes Like Chicken
Charles Shaw/Newtopia Magazine
Christine Wong
JT Yost


28 Days Records
AK Press
Celestial Arts
City Lights
Definite Jux
Horns and Halos
New Society Publishers
Ocean Books
Okra-Tone records
Second Nature Recordings
Seven Stories Press
South End Press
University Press of Mississippi


Agit Prop Records
Allied Media Conference
Alternative Tentacles Records



Deviant Graphics
Elysian Fields Quarterly
Exotic Fever Records
Fat Wreck Chords
Federation of Egalitarian Communities
Fourteen Little Men

The Indypendent
Ladyfest Philly
Mid-Atlantic Womyn's Rights and Empowerment Conference
Pirate Prints
Revelation Records

Saddle Creek records
Satya Magazine
Soft Skull Press
VG Kids Screenprinting Workshop
Westcan Printing Group

Wishing Well


Allied Media Projects
Derek Hogue/Amphibian Design
Independent Press Association
Westcan Printing Group
World Won't Listen Web Hosting

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Issue 19 - Everyday Pros; How real people do sports

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Issue 21
- SARS, AIDS and other global health crises.

Issue 22 - Around the World and Around the Block (Clamor travels)

Issue 23 - Faith: How the World Makes It Through the Day

Issue 24 - Make Art Not War!

Issue 25 - We're All Going to Die

Issue 26 - Over 2,000,000 Jobs Lost: Who IS working?

Issue 27 - The Future of the Family (links coming soon)

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