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Issue 37

Clamor Issue 36

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Photo Essay: Tsunami Recovery in Sri Lanka by Theodore Hennessy and J. Thomas Nguyen


Hear No Evil by Carey L. Biron

International Radio Resource
by Liz Jones

A Deadly Occupation
by Momodou L. Jaiteh

Speech Under Fire
by Emily Nielsen

The Unflinching Work of Joe Sacco by Kristian Williams


If I Arise: Talking with Malalai Joya by Sonali Kolhatkar

Swallow This: John Esther’s Film Black Gold by John Esther

Rethinking 80s Nostalgia with Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
by Mattilda

An Internally Displaced Person Returns Home
by Sithara Abdul Saroor

Conflict in Sri Lanka 101
by Sarah H. Cross

Web feature

Holy Evergreen: The Klamath Tribes Struggle On
By Tara Lohan


A Problem of Olympic Proportions
by Violet Law

Mining Independence in West Papua by Domenica Settle

Economics and the Rise of Hamas
by Marwan Kanafani

In the Shadow of CAFTA
by Kari Lydersen

Sex & Gender

American Home: Trafficking and Domesticity by Yasmin Nair

Resource: Lavender Africa
by Brian Bergen-Aurand

Queering Identity: Hijra in India
by Guatam Bhan  

Women-Led Resistance in the Boreal Forest
by Brianna Cayo Cotter


Washing the Blood from the Streets
by Themba Lewis

Talking People Power with Scott Parkin by Jen Angel

The River. The Water. The Rain.
by Andy Lin


Cholitas in Bolivia
by Yasmin Khan

Bolivia’s New Era
by Yasmin Khan

Angelique Kidjo
by Robtel Neajai Pailey

Holding On To Another Jamaica
by Colin Robinson


What We’re Talking About ...



Run Away From The Circus
by Subsubcommandante Robin Hood

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