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Issue 36

Clamor Issue 36

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Clamor Readers on Land & Geography

Photo Essay: Mountaintop Removal


14 Acres in South Central Los Angeles

Web Feature: Voices from the South Central Community Garden
Interviews by Jessica Hoffmann and Angela McCracken

Michael Ableman: Urban Farmer

Listen to the People: Kalamu Ya Salaam on the 3rd Migration

Enter the Cipher


Witness to War: Unembedded Photojournalism in Iraq

Battle Emblems

From MOVE to Katrina: Covering Communities of Color in Crisis

Leave No Trace: We Need an Activist Travel Guide

Slaying Giants: Greenwald and Crew Take on Wal-Mart


Our Food. Our Fight. Our Future

Your Stars Will Abandon You

One Neighborhood at a Time

Seeing With New Eyes: Justice Mapping

Sex and Gender

After the Storm: Gendering Disaster and Recovery in New Orleans

Resource: Third Wave Foundation

Gender, Sexuality, & Geography 101: A Syllabus

The Crisis of Crisis Pregnancy Centers


Richard Pryor: An Iconoclast Remembered

Made Out Of Babies

Embracing Doikayt

Secret Wars: Monitoring the Military at Area 51

Three Cities Against The Wall


Because We Have To ... Environmental Justice as a Necessity

Simple. Sustainable. Germantown House

From Massacre to Militia: Against Palestinian Disarmament in Lebanon


What We’re Talking About ...


Coney Island Polar Bear Club

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