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Issue 35

Clamor Issue 35

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Cuban, American, AND Progressive
by Remy Kharbanda & Nadia Gonzalez

A Prescription for Torture
by Marie-Jo Proulx

David Enders: Inside Baghdad interview by Emily Schmall

Sex and Gender

Tweaked: Crystal Meth, Sex, and HIV
by Tara Lohan

You Can’t Take This Away From Us
by Maura Ryan

Reproductive Self-Care: Menstrual Extraction by Laurel Hara


Burning Down Babylon: Ricanstruction’s Not4Prophet
Interview by Ari Paul

Moving Through Spaces in a Stratified World by Jennifer Ashley

Conversations with Dean Spade
by Izzy Klatzker a.k.a. Socket


Google Noose by Brian Dominick

Comcast and Accidental Censorship
by Arthur Stamoulis

Stop The Ivory Press!
by Catherine Komp

A Conversation with Mark Trahant
by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock

Telesur: Mouth of the South
by Catherine Murphy


Operation Vula Manzi [Open Water]
by Matthew M. Kavanagh

No Sweat! by Amrah Salomon Johnson

From Development to Displacement interview by Arthur Stamoulis

Life in Rio de la Anona, Mexico
by Leanne Tory-Murphy

Crash Course Economics
by Tara Bracco


Starving in the Land of Plenty: Reverend Billy by Liz Worth

The Simple Life: Boston’s Haley House by Anna Clark

Simnuke by Laura Hather

Outside(r) Art by Chris Cobb


What We’re Talking About...


Arlington West by Shanenon Starrett

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