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Issue 35.5

Clamor Issue 35.5

NOTE: This issue of Clamor is being made available online in its entirety while the Clamor staff gears up for a Spring 2006 relaunch as a bigger, bolder, badder quarterly magazine.

Cover illustration by Chad Mount.



Passion and Propaganda: An Interview with Howard Zinn on the Role of Art During Wartime
By Chris Pastor

The Passion of the Cursed: Diamanda Galás Disturbs the Silence on Europe’s Many Genocides
Interview by Holly Day

The Media is the Massage: StartSoma’s “Propaganda 2.0” Show Gets Flirty with Agitprop
By Chris Cobb


Interview with Thenmozhi Soundararajan
By Chad Jones

Kiss of the Vampire
Buffy and the Politics of Queer Identity on Television

By KL Pereira

Sex and Gender

Sex & Sensibility: Tony Comstock's Labor of Love
By Caitlin Corrigan

Eight Years And Counting:  Young Queer Love In The Twenties
By Erica Rische

Intentionally Single: How Quirkyalones Are Challenging the Status Quo
By Michelle M. Alletto

Sex and – dare I say it? – Love in the 21st Century by Rachel Sledd

Two Resources


On Reversals: Blackness And Political Freedom On Hispaniola
By Julissa Reynoso and Neil Roberts

The St. Patrick’s Four: A Story About Blood, Non-Violence, and Commitment
By Ben Tanzer

On Looking for Love in Places Without
Mattilda, a.k.a. Matt Bernstein Sycamore


Gross National Happiness
& other measures of national wellbeing besides just economic growth

An interview by Edward Burch

Tried and True Ways to Live Your Passion
Compiled by Arthur Stamoulis

Privatizing Environmental Protection:
A Public Employee's Perspective

An interview by Arthur Stamoulis


Chasing Love by R. Tyler Mack

Women in Media & News
By Irene Svete

Things I Love New Orleans
by Eve Abrams

Taking it to the Streets: Passion, Librarians, and Radical Reference
by Eli Edwards


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