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Issue 34

Clamor Issue 34

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Where Clamor Readers Have Their Say ...


Under Attack: Free Speech on Campus by Justin M. Park

Foyer Maurice Sixto and Haiti’s Restavèks by Doris Charrollais

Learning Liberation by Kat Shiffler and Patrick W. Quirk

Professor & the Photocopy byJosh Medsker


Ready. Aim. Shoot! by Jennifer Utz

James Loewen on Sundown Towns by Edward Burch


School of Punk Rock by Antonio Lopez

Katy Otto: D.C. Superhero interview by Matt Dineen

Kitchen of Distinction by Tess. Lotta

Jets to Brazil by Rex Ganding


Getting in Bed with the Bad Guys by Jackie Regales

Me Abrio los Ojos by Teresa Niedda and Jose Manuel Guzman

Battling Blink Kong by Sarah Bradley

Teamsters Teaching Teamsters by Ben Speight


Olympia Community Free School by Kaci Elder

Energizing the Eggheads by Rebecca Hyman

Bosses? No, Thank You! by Marie Trigona

Sex and Gender

Getting Off ... On Campus by Rebecca Gottlieb

S&G Resources by Chris Newman

Shake (off) What Your Parents Gave Ya! by Mandy Van Deven

Dirty Learning Curve by Dorian Katz

Passing in the Classroom by Anne Balay


What We’re Talking About...


Visual Resistance in NYC by Ida Lake

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