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An Interview with J.H. Crawford, Author of Carfree Cities
Pete Menchetti

Teaching The History of All Wars: Dissent and Controversy in the Classroom
Sean Carswell

Two Day Teacher
Casey Boland

Starving For Education
Kari Lydersen

Out of Angola
Alec "Icky" Dunn and Brice White

The Memorization of Clarity
Fiction by James Marks

I Want To Change The World: Social Change and Free Speech in the Classroom
Interview by Basil Elias

as serious as children at play

Witness or Exploitation?: The Photography of Sebastião Salgado in New York City
Greg Fuchs

Portland's Independent Publishing Resource Center
An Interview by John Gerken

Wake Up! You're Not In School Anymore!: The Post-College Hangover
Beth Barnett

A Civilian Amidst Marines
Rich Ristow

Stomp, Smash the State!: Radical Cheerleaders in Minneapolis
Interview by Amanda Luker

Poor Murderers are Meant for Prisons ... And the Wealthy Ones Shall Lead Us: Comments on Bob Kerrey and Vietnam
Richard Gilman-Opalsky

Substituting as a Subversive Activity: Reflections of a Radical Sub
Chris Dixon

The Economics of Being Owned: An Overview of Globalization
Nathan Berg

Would You Like A Smile With That?: Whipping Ass At The Merch Table
Gibby Peach

The Mistakes I've Made: Thoughts on Class Fluidity
Tennessee Jones

Performance Artist Marisa Carnesky: On Art, Culture, and Sexuality
Interview by Jane Minx

Unbuckling the Bible Belt: Reflections on Carol Queen and Her Week in Middle Tennessee

Gender Equity in (Bike) Workspaces: Confronting Our Own Sexism
Ammi Keller

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