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Clamor ceased publication in December 2006. This website contains information for your reference and archival purposes only.

Notice: As of April 6, 2006, we have adopted a new review system. If you would like to do audio, print, and video reviews for Clamor, please email us with your preferred email address and mailing address. We'll email a list of available titles monthly and send requested items on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you're the curious type, please scroll down to read the revised review guidelines.

Thank you!


All Clamor reviews are geared toward turning Clamor readers onto things they might not hear about otherwise - books, videos, music, products, etc.. If you are not moved by what we sent you, let me know and we’ll proceed from there. That said, I hope you like what you got! Here are some guidelines for how you should format your review...

review length:
Music reviews should be between 150-300 words. Book and film reviews should be anywhere between 500-750 words.

review deadlines:
You will have one month to turn in your reviews after you've received the materials

Please submit your review in the following format:

Publisher, year
publisher or book website
Review text.................
-your name

Release Title
Label, Year
Label’s website
Review text.........
-your name

other formatting issues:
Italicize album, book and magazine titles in reviews.
Put song titles in quotes.
Do not underline titles.
Please do not use any special word processing formats or styles, they only get screwed up in the transition.

We cannot afford to pay for reviews, but we hope that the free books, CDs, and films will suffice for compensation right now.

In the past, we only printed a percentage of reviews we received. In the future, things look brighter. We will print a majority of reviews in the magazine itself (about 13k words), but ALL reviews submitted will be posted on the Clamor website.

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