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Issue 29


Doing What Comes Naturally
by Gordon Edgar

Democracy at Work
by Burt Berlowe

A Right Not Yet Secure
by Peter Ian Asen

A Call for Action from Corporate U.
by Boone Shear

Food Not Bombs Serves Up Victory
by Lara Stewart and Charles Suggs

Legacies of Resistance
by Jim Straub

Santa Anita La Union
by Caitlin Benedetto

Up a River
by Charles Winfrey

Unlikely Bedfellows
by Nathan Berg

Seeds of Power
by Jennifer Vandenplas

A Room of Their Own
by sarah contrary

A Community of Healing
by Robert Hirschfield

The Icarus Project
by Timothy Kelly

Finger on the Pulse
by Kari Lydersen

In Search of The Living Buddha
by Michelle Chen

Functional Inequity
by Yolanda Best

John K. Samson: Authenticity in Distortion
by George B. Sanchez

Platform Projects
by Daniel Tucker

The Battle of the Frame
by Jon R. Pike

Dancing with the Devil
by Peter Wirth

The Indypendent Sells Out?
by Courtney Martin

What is Indymedia?
by Danielle Chynoweth

Countdown to Putsch
by Sara Tretter

Unlikely Communities
by Victoria Law

Reel Democracy
by Jennie Rose

Critical mASS
by Teri Danai

Think Pink!
by Justin Carter

Community in the Jails
by Sarah Palmer

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