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Epidemic! Alternative treatments for global ailments
Pranjal Tiwari and Danee Voorhees

Looking Good: Outward appearances betray “hidden disabilities”
Kiera Van Gelder

Self Defense Makes Sense
Leonie Sherman

Holistic Hip Hop: 360º of living right

The Brother I Do Not Know: Living and dealing with a sibling’s schizophrenia
David White

The New Terrorism
J.B. Rabin

Ms. Diagnosed: Thousands are prescribed Ritalin for a disorder they don’t have
Molly McCluskey

Saturday Looks Good To Me: Fred Thomas, one of America’s great songwriters
James Brubaker

Organizer + Catalyst = Laura Close
Interview by Chris Crass

Barriers to Basic Care: Women prisoners face medical neglect and malpractice
Victoria Law

Healthcare and Human Rights: Defining health and the physician’s social responsibility
Samir Hussain

An Administration of Secrecy
Carolyn Kousky and Francis Raven

Embracing the Digital Divide: Interview with filmmaker Jem Cohen
Charles Sweitzer

Supercrips and Poster Children
Colin Kennedy Donovan

Music as Therapy: Interview with music therapy student Erin Fox
Sara DeAloia

Embracing “Ugly”
Carolyn Szcepanski

A Month Sitting: One man’s attempt to understand what it’s like to be a woman
Philip E Lefebvre

Global Aids Issues
Suzy Subways

Chicago’s Coughin’
Kari Lydersen

On Managed Care
Robert Levin

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