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This issue marks an experiment of sorts. We invited six people to share their perspectives on voting and electoral politics in light of impending U.S. presidental elections.

Alternatives to the Big Two
Casey Boland

The Pen Voting Party
Reginald Sinclair Lewis

On Anti-democratic Voting
Richard Gilman-Opalsky

My Vote on Voting
Beth Barnett

Sensible Civics
Eric Meisberger

Support the Anti-Voting League
Kevin Zelko

Mr. Death
An interview with Documentary Filmmaker Erroll Morris Peter Werbe

Transgressive Dance: The Detroit Electronic Music Festival

Select Media:
reviews of independent media

Reclaiming Radical History in the Labadie Collection
Andrew Cornell

Documenting The Margins: Photographer Charles Gatewood
Eric Zassenhaus

Oreo Cookie Feminists
Loolwa Khazzoom

The Life Story of an Advertisement
J. Gerlach

Taking It To The Streets!: Art Cars in America
Matthew A. Donohue

Institutionalized Subversion at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Stewart Varner

The Rescue Rush: True Stories of Animal Rescue
Larry Nocella

On Kids and Chaos: Reflections of a Daycare Worker
Scott Carrick

Living with Endometriosis
Tracy Bosworth

Vique Martin

The Changing Face of Richmond
Greg Wells

Oh Baby! Part 3: The Birth Story
Jessica Mills

Performing Violence: A Critical Theory of Masculinity
Eric Boehme

The (False) Priority of Orgasm
A Review by Robyn Marasco

David vs. Goliath in the Northwoods
Daniel Gatewood and Rico Myszewski

Adult Liberation and the Meaning of Work: An Interview with Michael Fogler
Basil Elias

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